Course Changes, Adds and Drops

Careful planning goes into the construction of a student’s schedule. Therefore, course changes, adds and drops are not permitted arbitrarily. However, in some instances, changes in program may be the best alternative for the student. If this is the case, changes, adds or drops may be initiated by the student through the counselor and will include parent and teacher participation.

When the student talks with the counselor about the proposed change, the counselor gives the student an add/drop form, which must be signed by the parent, teacher, student, and counselor. The student must continue to attend his/her current class until the signed form has been returned and the counselor has officially dropped the course from the student’s schedule. Students must maintain a minimum of five courses plus physical education each semester.

Students are young adults whose interests often change; and thus, in some cases, preferences for electives also change. Because this happens with considerable frequency at the beginning of each year, students are not required to complete an add/drop form when adding or dropping electives (as long as they maintain the five course minimum) until after the first full week of school. Course adds should be made by the conclusion of the second full week of classes.

To withdraw from a course without having a grade noted on the permanent transcript, students must do so according to the following deadlines:

  • .50 credit course – prior to the 20th class meeting
  • 1.0 credit course – Dec. 1
  • Course drops are not permitted during the fourth quarter for a full-year course or after the second quarter interims for a half-year course.

In unusual cases where a student does not maintain the five-course minimum (e.g. entering school late in the semester, absence due to prolonged illness), the student (regardless of grade level) will be assigned to a study hall for the remainder of the semester.