A UNIT OF STUDY means at least 180 minutes of instruction per week throughout the school year or the equivalent.

A UNIT OF CREDIT is awarded based upon time and performance requirements that may vary from course to course. A unit of credit may be earned in two ways:

  1. Final passing grade after completing a unit of study.
  2. Passing score of 85 percent or its equivalent letter grade on a New York State Education Department approved exam without the completion of a unit of study with the successful completion of either an oral examination or a special project. (A student considering this alternative needs to discuss it with his/her counselor. Prior approval of the principal is required. This is limited to 6 1/2 units of credit.)

REGENTS EXAMINATION is a state achievement test based upon syllabi prescribed by the New York State Education Department.

BOARD OF REGENTS is the supervisory bureau of the New York State Education Department.

PREREQUISITES means those courses or standards of achievement that should be completed by the student before beginning a subsequent course. Prerequisites, when applicable, are stated under the course title.