The health decisions you made yesterday or this morning have a lot to do with how you feel this very minute. The fact is that your personal health for the rest of your life is largely determined by you. It is true that some factors influencing your health are out of your control. However, most choices and decisions affecting your health are yours to make.


20 Weeks, 1/2 credit, Grades 11-12

This course is designed to provide health information in such a way that it influences students to take positive actions about their health. Health education provides information and skills that guide students towards being better decision makers. Students learn to make appropriate health choices that enable them to lead a quality of life that is beneficial to their health and well-being. Students gain self-awareness through a variety of instructional strategies that promote making health choices and practicing healthy behaviors.

In addition, students will be introduced to a variety of career opportunities within the field of heath care. A health course goal is for each student to become a proactive learner so that they may become a productive citizen and live their life to the fullest.

Topics addressed are holistic health and wellness dimensions, mental health and illness, stress management, licit and illicit substance use and abuse, nutrition and fitness, first aid, disease prevention (including information about sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS) and environmental issues. Also covered is information on family life issues. Students will learn about relationships, pregnancy, birth, parenting, marriage; life from birth to death, aging, dying and grieving and the umbrella that covers life and living life in general. Successful completion of this course is required for high school graduation.