Procedures for Program Selection

  1. Take the course catalog home. Read and discuss it with your parents/guardians.
  2. Note particularly course descriptions and prerequisites.
  3. Your classroom teachers will discuss their recommendations with you.
  4. Students will be provided a scheduling worksheet that parents/guardians will need to sign and students will then need to return to their counselor.
  5. Parents should call the Counseling Center if questions arise.
    1. 315-692-1401: Eagle Hill Middle School
    2. 315-692-1301: Wellwood Middle School
    3. 315-692-1801: F-M High School
  6. If you and your parents wish to change your program, you must talk with your counselor. (For incoming ninth graders, all requests for program changes must be communicated with the middle school counselor.)
  7. Students who request a level change from what their teacher recommended in any major subject area must have parental approval and complete a course override form.
  8. Please keep in mind that course changes, including level changes, may be restricted by the availability of seats in a class.