High school construction ramps up for spring/summer seasons

As capital project work continues at Fayetteville-Manlius High School, the district is excited to announce significant progress in enhancing the educational environment and facilities within the building.

Over the coming weeks, students, staff, parents and guardians will begin to notice some structural changes around the building as several projects come to fruition. The projects include:

  • A new two story cafeteria with construction starting in spring 2024
  • A broadcast journalism studio and classroom with construction starting spring 2024
  • A state of the art STEM/technology addition opening in the spring 2024
  • A new main office, nurses suite, and faculty workroom to be completed in summer 2024
  • A renovated counseling office with construction starting in summer 2024 

As part of the capital project work, the bridge connecting House 1 and House 2 will start to be removed. This will impact students’ day-to-day patterns, and administrators are diligently working with construction crews to implement efficient and safe alternative routes for students and faculty. 

During the planning process, district officials discovered that PCB caulk was used externally to secure the windows adjacent to the bridge connecting House 1 and House 2. While this is a hazardous material, we want to assure our high school community that we will be using all necessary precautions to protect students and staff during the removal process.

During removal, this part of the building will be completely blocked off by a temporary, full partition wall. All of the materials removed from the containment area will be discarded directly outside into designated receptacles. Removal will begin the week of March 25 and is expected to be completed the week of April 8. Work will be conducted in the evenings and at night and will not have any negative impacts on the health and safety of our students and staff.

While we anticipate there may be minor disruptions and inconveniences during these transitions, we want to assure you that every effort is being made to minimize them. We appreciate the patience and cooperation of our high school community during this transition period. We will continue to strive to ensure minimal disruption to daily activities while maximizing safety and accessibility for all members of our school community.