Proposal includes turf field replacement

As part of the Fayetteville-Manlius School District’s capital project proposal, the district’s turf field, which is 10 years old and no longer in warranty, would be replaced.

The field is located at Fayetteville-Manlius High School’s athletic stadium and is used daily by community groups and community members and for physical education (PE) classes, extracurricular activities, athletic contests and special events, such as the homecoming pep rally.

Because of its age, the turf has issues of rips, tears and patches, and its fibers are very short, which could impact user safety and performance.

Who uses the turf?

So far this year, the turf has hosted 629 scheduled events, or an average of three events per day, excluding daily PE classes and independent use by community members. All F-M High School students benefit from it because PE classes are able to take place outdoors more often on turf than they did on grass due to mud and snow accumulation.

The turf is also utilized when athletic competitions cannot be played on grass fields because the fields are wet from heavy or prolonged rainfall.

How will the turf replacement be paid for?

If voters approve the project, 80.3%, or $523,556, of the turf replacement’s $652,000 cost would be covered by state building aid. The remainder would be paid for with $101,639 from a field replacement fund first established in 2011 and a small portion of the district’s capital reserve fund.

Since the cost to resurface the field would be covered entirely by a combination of state aid, the field replacement fund, which was donated by community members, and a small portion of the capital reserve fund, the field project would not have any impact on the tax levy.

Why is turf replacement included in the capital proposal?

Because of the proposed work at F-M High School, 80.3% of the turf’s replacement cost is expected to be covered by building aid. If it were to be replaced without being connected to the high school project, building aid would not apply.

When would the turf replacement take place?

If voters approve the proposal, the turf replacement portion of the project would take place in summer 2023. Work at the stadium is expected to be complete by the start of the fall sports season in 2023.