April 3 COVID-19 update: Some construction projects continue during school closure

While schools are closed statewide due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Fayetteville-Manlius School District is taking advantage of its buildings being unoccupied to continue and, in some cases, move up scheduled “essential” construction projects.

Electrical work at Fayetteville Elementary School will continue over the district’s previously planned spring break (April 6-10). In preparation for upcoming construction at Wellwood Middle School that is part of the 2017 voter-approved capital project, the district is separating the electrical service that is shared by Fayetteville Elementary and Wellwood Middle schools into two distinct systems.

With separate main power lines installed to both buildings, power outages at one building will no longer impact the other, as is currently the case.

Other work at Wellwood is on hold due to a delay in the delivery of the modular classroom suite that will be used for temporary classroom space during construction. The district had planned for a June delivery; however, the company constructing the suite is currently shut down due to the pandemic. Once the company resumes construction, the district will adjust its project timeline and notify parents and staff.

In addition to the electrical work at Fayetteville Elementary during the week of April 6-10, asbestos abatement is also planned for that time at Eagle Hill Middle School. The abatement project is part of the Energy Performance Contract (EPC) that is included in the 2017 capital project. Air monitoring is required before, during and after all asbestos abatement projects.

If the governor extends beyond April 15 the school closure period, asbestos abatement at F-M High School, which is also part of the EPC, will take place immediately following the Eagle Hill work, rather than at the end of June as originally scheduled.  

Continued communications

The district will continue to update the community via the district website with any new information and frequently asked questions.

Any time-sensitive, critical information will be shared via the district’s SchoolMessenger notification system, which sends email, text message and phone call notifications, depending upon how parents subscribed to the system.

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