Board of education welcomes community engagement

The Fayetteville-Manlius School District Board of Education welcomes comments, concerns and questions from the community, and there are several ways that community members may reach out to the board.  

Board meetings

Board of education meetings are held in public, but they are not public meetings in the same sense as traditional town meetings. Members of the public are welcome to attend meetings.

The board will occasionally hold special meetings in order to discuss specific topics or time-sensitive agenda items. During these special meetings, there will be no public comment except under special circumstances explained prior to the meeting.

Board of education regular meeting agendas typically provide opportunities for residents to address the board on any topic during the public comment portion of the meeting. While comments and questions are welcomed, the board will generally not respond to items introduced during the public comment period. These non-agenda items will be referred to the board president and superintendent and may be considered for discussion as an agenda item at a future meeting. Additionally, these items may be referred to administrators or staff members who may be able to assist and report back to the board at a later meeting.

Members of the public generally do not participate in the business of the board after the public comment period. Those who have comments they would like to make after the public comment period may call or email board members or comment during the public comment period at the next board meeting.

Meeting agendas are available online four days prior to the meeting in BoardDocs or in the news section of the district website. Community members wishing to address the board of education are encouraged to confirm that public comment is being offered prior to attending the meeting.

Meeting attendance and public comment procedures

For planning and social distancing purposes, the district requests that members of the public who wish to attend board meetings and/or speak during public comment pre-register no later than 4 p.m. on the day of the meeting. Individuals who pre-register will receive an email confirmation. 

If pre-registrations indicate a high rate of attendance, the board meeting may be relocated to accommodate the size of the audience. In the event that the room in which a board meeting is held reaches capacity, the district reserves the right to establish a secondary location for viewing the meeting via livestream. 

Individuals attending board meetings must wear masks while inside the school building and distance themselves from those outside their own household by at least three feet. The district requests that non-related individuals attending board meetings sit in alternating rows and seats.

Communicating with the board 





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