Middle/High School Lunch Menu


Specials of the Month*:

Buffalo Chicken Panini
Shredded chicken breast combined with cream cheese and cheddar cheese and tossed with medium Buffalo sauce. Topped with fresh arugula and blue cheese dressing.

Margarita Panini
Roasted tomato, mozzarella, fresh basil, pesto mayo and balsamic glaze. Served on grilled ciabatta bread.

Homemade Soup* 

Chicken Corn Chowder with Bacon

*High school only

Monday, Dec. 2
Quesadilla, pancakes and sausage links, or dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets;
Carrots and warm applesauce

Tuesday, Dec. 3
Grilled cheese sandwich, Rib-B-Q’s, or boneless chicken wings;
Peas and tomato soup

Wednesday, Dec. 4
Egg-and-cheese or sausage-egg-and-cheese bagel, Pizza Crunchers, or chicken nuggets;
Green beans

Thursday, Dec. 5
Chicken Lo Mein, taco, or boneless chicken wings;
Cheesy beans, rice and broccoli

Friday, Dec. 6
SU Basketball Special
Cheeseburger/garden burger, Chef’s Choice, or tempura chicken nuggets
Smiley fries, carrots and celery sticks with dip, and pudding with Oreo topping

Monday, Dec. 9
Quesadilla, chicken tender sub sandwich, or dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets;
Carrots and nachos with cheese

Tuesday, Dec. 10
Eggo waffles or cheese-filled Pierogies (3) with two bacon slices, or popcorn chicken;
Broccoli, warm applesauce

Wednesday, Dec. 11
Macaroni and cheese, red beans with Andouille sausage, or dinosaur-shaped chicken;
Green beans, Caesar salad

Thursday, Dec. 12
Walking taco, cheese or meat Calzone, or boneless chicken wings;
Rice and broccoli

Friday, Dec. 13
Cheeseburger/garden burger, baked potato, or tempura chicken nuggets;
French fries and mixed vegetables    

Monday, Dec. 16
Quesadilla, chicken patty, or dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets;
Broccoli and chicken noodle soup

Tuesday, Dec. 17
Ham and scalloped potatoes, pancakes and sausage links, or boneless chicken wings;
Warm applesauce and corn

Wednesday, Dec. 18
F-M Deli Day:  Ham, turkey, or chicken tender sub sandwich or dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets;
Smiley fries, carrots and Rice Krispie treat

Thursday, Dec. 19
Holiday Lunch: Turkey and gravy or popcorn chicken;
Mashed potatoes, corn, stuffing, and a candy cane ice cream cup

Friday, Dec. 20
Cheeseburgers/garden burger, Chef’s Choice, or tempura chicken nuggets;
French fries and mixed vegetables   

Monday, Dec. 23 – Friday, Jan. 3

The one-page school lunch menu will no longer be posted to the district website. It will be emailed to families via Peachjar prior to the start of each month.