District recognized for energy efficiency

The Fayetteville-Manlius School District was recently recognized with a “5-Star” energy rating achievement for meeting all Energy Cost Index air filtration standards.

“Your 5-star achievement indicates that your facility is using the most energy-efficient, longest-lasting filters available,” states a letter to the district from Armando Brunetti, executive vice president of Camfil Americas, the company from which the district purchases air filters for heating and ventilation units across the district.

“This is evidence of your company’s long-term commitment to providing clean indoor air for your employees and contributing to today’s green efforts to conserve energy and reduce waste,” Mr. Brunetti wrote.

An Energy Cost Index (ECI) compares filters of similar construction, under the same conditions of operation and provides a performance indicator, according to Camfil’s website. A filter with an ECI of five stars maintains its efficiency over its life, uses less energy to move air through the filter and is in the top 20% of all filters evaluated, according to Camfil.

Selecting appropriate and efficient air filters is critical, particularly because of the number of filters the district uses. Because of the size of some of the district’s building’s HVAC units, some require as many as six filters each, said Russell McCarty, F-M’s director of facilities.

“Using air filters with high energy efficiency ratings allow us to get the most bang for our buck, but we also make sure that the products we are purchasing are of a quality that promote the health and wellness of our students and staff,” Mr. McCarty said. “This recognition assures us—and our taxpayers—that we are being environmentally and fiscally responsible.”