F-M students team up for FACS activity session

To gain a better understanding of how children develop and learn, a group of Wellwood Middle School students recently invited six and seven-year olds into their classroom.

In April, Mrs. Carrie Six’s eighth-grade Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) students planned an activity session featuring word games, crafts, socialization time and reading groups for two first-grade classes of Fayetteville Elementary School students to participate in.

Under the guidance of Mrs. Six and as part of a curriculum unit that focuses on child development, FACS students spent several class periods brainstorming activities and experiences that are suitable for children and, based on their knowledge of developmental milestones and which types of hands-on encounters could benefit young learners, devised lessons plans for the first grade activity session.

“Students learned how to write a lesson plan, including goals, objectives, procedures, motivation, transition and closure,” Mrs. Six said. “They came up with an overall topic and ideas focusing on the whole child,” she said.

During their visit, the first-graders assembled into small groups and moved through a circuit of activities, including building edible race cars, crafting paper apples, coloring, and learning about seasons. Each activity encouraged students to use various abilities and skills.

“It was a wonderful experience for everyone involved,” Mrs. Six said.