Mott Road students join quest for ‘whirled’ peace

Mott Road Elementary School students recently made a commitment to maintaining a peaceful school community.

On Sept. 20, kindergarten through fourth grade students gathered together for a special assembly in honor of International Day of Peace. As part of the event, students participated in the Pinwheels for Peace project, which is an international initiative that encourages students to use visual artwork and words to express feelings of respect, peace, tolerance and living in harmony.

The assembly also provided an opportunity for students to learn about the importance of teamwork, supporting one another and being kind.

Prior to the assembly, students wrote their thoughts on large and colorful pinwheels. The pinwheels are now on display in public areas of the school so that students can frequently see them.

International Day of Peace is observed each year on Sept. 21.

This is an image of students holding up a teamwork sign

During a school-wide assembly on Sept. 20, Mott Road Elementary School students spent time learning about the importance of teamwork.

This is an image of pinwheels

Mott Road Elementary School students wrote their wishes for peace along with their names on large pinwheels as part of the Pinwheels for Peace project.