Reenactor connects Eagle Hill students to American history

A living history experience recently took Eagle Hill Middle School students back in time.

On Jan. 16, Fayetteville-Manlius School District Board of Education member and Revolutionary War soldier reenactor Timothy Crisafulli presented to seventh-graders about being an 18th century American solider.

Crisafulli, who formerly taught middle school at F-M and now practices law, arrived to the Eagle Hill classroom in character. He wore an 18th century military uniform, including a tri-corn hat, colonial shoes, a frock and trousers. A canteen was slung over his shoulder; a knapsack hung on his back.

During the seventh-grade presentation, Crisafulli discussed military tactics and drills, marching exercises, and time period clothing. Students participated in many of Mr. Crisafulli’s demonstrations.

The F-M middle school students have been learning about the Revolutionary War as part of a seventh-grade history unit.

The images below were taken during Timothy Crisafulli’s visit to Eagle Hill Middle School in January.