Showing off a slice of Pi Day activities

Students at both Wellwood Middle School and F-M High School celebrated Pi Day on March, 14 (3.14). 

F-M High School’s mathematics department hosts a yearly assembly featuring musical performances, a revised rendition of the game show “Family Feud,” a Rubik’s Cube tournament and a pi digit memorization contest. 

The winner of the Rubik’s Race was freshman Daniel Li and the winner of the digit contest, for the second year in a row, was junior Elliot McDaniel.  Elliot’s trophy was presented to him by NewsChannel 9 meteorologist Kate Thornton.  You can watch NewsChannel 9’s coverage of the event here.

At Wellwood, the assembly was the culmination of a competition between 8th grade students. Math students were asked to design a 3D model using a minimum of five three-dimensional shapes. Students were given the freedom to plan and create their own unique design, they were then asked to calculate the total volume of their design by finding the volume of each individual three-dimensional shape. All 8th grade students then voted on the model they thought was the most creative and well done and the students with the highest vote got to participate in the Pi Day assembly.

Since pi is found in so many different equations in math, physics and other sciences, math enthusiasts consider it to be one of the most important mathematical constants.

Check out a video highlighting this year’s events below, or on the district YouTube page.