Special appeal process for Regents exams approved

To address the continued impacts of potential learning disruptions due to COVID-19, the New York State Board of Regents approved a special appeal process at its May meeting to allow students to graduate with a lower score on Regents exams taken in the 2021-22 and 2022-23 school years.

Who is eligible to appeal?

To be eligible to appeal, a student must have:

  1. Taken the Regents examination during the June 2022, August 2022, January 2023, June 2023, or August 2023 test administration periods;
  2. Earned a score of 50-64 on the Regents examination that is the subject of the appeal; and 
  3. Passed a course of study leading to the Regents examination.

The student need only have taken the Regents examination once in order to be eligible to appeal. The special appeal would allow students to graduate with scores ranging from 50 to 64 on Regents examinations and may be applied towards a local, Regents, or Regents with an Advanced Designation diploma.

What is the appeal process?

A student, parent/guardian, student’s teacher or school counselor, or the department chairperson can submit the appeal to the school principal using the Form for Special Appeal.

Once the high school principal receives the form, the school’s appeal committee has 10 days to review the student’s case and make a recommendation to the district superintendent to accept or deny the appeal. The superintendent may also interview the student and will sign off on all appeals.

Students and their families who have questions about this should contact the student’s school counselor.