Wellwood Middle School Clubs and Activities

The most up-to-date version of the Wellwood Middle School clubs and activities list can be found on Schoology.

Grades 5 & 6 Pops Choir

Wednesdays, Mr. Sager, Room 131

Open to all grades 5 & 6 students who enjoy singing popular songs. Repertoire includes music from movies, broadway shows and popular singers. Songs will be performed at the April 18 concert.

Coding Club

Thursdays, Ms. Ebersold, Room 116

This club has two main components; the first part of this club is to take part in fun coding activities that we use to learn how computers work, and to create fun things (like websites, games and more)! The second part of this club is a mentoring program where high school programming students work with middle school students on specific coding programs.

Courtyard Club

Select Wednesdays

Students from all grades are welcome to join us in these activities: exploring sustainability, growing herbs and vegetables to make pizza together, planning new uses and structures, weeding, feeding our bird families, and keeping the courtyard a clean and safe learning space. Please pay attention to the morning announcements for more information.

Creative Writing Club

Thursdays, Mrs. Myers, Room 312

Students will come to write creatively and explore different writing competitions they can enter throughout the year! We will explore different genres, poetry, narrative, news articles and enter our writing to get published!

Cubing Club

Alternating Wednesdays, Mr. Nash, Room 5-3

This club is a place where “cubers” and “future cubers” can practice their skill, and also learn to solve rubix cubes. If you have your own rubix cube, you can bring it with you! All are welcome.

Dungeons & Dragons Club

Tuesdays, Mr. Arena, Room 5-7

Dungeons and Dragons Club is for anyone who wants to play a game of fantasy, adventure and fun. You don’t need any experience to join; we will teach you! You can make a character or use one of ours. So, are you ready to step into a world of fantasy? All grades are welcome! 

Fun With Legos Club

Wednesdays, Mr. Botting, Room 118

Like to build with Legos? We will have both vintage Lego sets to use and an assortment of Lego parts to create your own creations using all sorts of Lego’s. Nothing but an imagination is required!


Mondays & Wednesdays grades 5 & 6, Tuesdays & Thursdays grades 7 & 8

lntramurals are for all grade levels.  ALL are welcome.

Legos & Puzzle Club

Tuesdays, Library

Enjoy legos and puzzles. Electronic-free zone. 

Lighthouse Club

Tuesdays, Mrs. DiMento, Room 207B

“Beacons of Light” come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. These lighthouses can Lighthouse Club be found along every coach in the world. Let’s learn more about Lighthouses and find out which one is your favorite.

Little Free Library Club

Last Tuesday of most months

The Little Free Library Club is open to those in grades 5-8 who enjoy books and giving back to the community. Our club walks to Beard Park to check on the Beard Park Little Free Library. 

Magic: The Gathering Club

Mondays, Mr. Arena, Room 5-7

Magic: The Gathering Club is a trading card game for all students who want an imaginative, complex game to play casually or competitively. Bring your own cards or cards are provided!

Math League

Wellwood Math League is open to any interested grades 7 or 8 student. The Wellwood Math League will participate in the Onondaga County Junior High Math League competition for the 2022-2023 school year. There are four meets that will be held during enrichment period (2:50-3:30 p.m.). The first meet will be in October. The Wellwood Math League Travel Team will be determined based on the results of the first four meets. Meets for the second semester will be Feb. 9 and March 7.

Newspaper Club

Wednesdays, Mrs. Myers, Room 312

Join us this year for Newspaper Club! The Wellwood Wednesday is a student led newspaper that covers school news, local news and more! We need writers and photographers. If interested, join us and let your voice be heard!

Open Art

Open Art is for any student that needs extra help or to catch up on missed work.

Open Chess

Thursdays, Mr. Dorsey, Room 305

Instruction is not provided, so it is best that students know how to play prior to staying for this opportunity.

Open Library

Mondays, Library

Come enjoy the library! Read, do homework, research or work on one of our puzzles. 

Origami Club

Tuesdays, Mrs. DeBlois, Room 129

Students in grades 5-8 can drop in to create a simple origami creation for the day. Origami is a lot of fun. It’s amazing what can be done with just a piece of paper! Work on developing your perceptual and problem-solving abilities, in addition to hand-eye coordination, ability to follow multi-step directions and of course CREATIVITY! Paper and additional materials will be provided to create the seasonally inspired “Origami of the Day”. Students will be guided with step-by-step videos, diagrams and visuals.

P2 Crew

Tuesdays, Mrs. Sibert, Room 121

P2 Crew: The Positivity Project is in full swing at Wellwood! We need your strengths for lots of fun activities! These may include, opportunities to help On My Team 16, art activities to decorate the school, fundraising events and many other fun deeds that show ‘Other People Matter’! Open to all students.

Pokemon Club

Wednesdays, Project Room 126

Do you collect Charizard, Charmander or Bulbasaur cards? If so, Pokemon Club is for you! All arc welcome. We will trade cards, discuss Pokemon and battle, but no electronics are allowed.

Pride Club

Alternating Tuesdays, Project Room 126

This group supports all students in the LGBTQl+ community and their straight allies. Make new friends, talk about issues and chill out.

Reading Club

Wednesdays, Library

Come to the library and quietly read.

Reptile Club

Tuesdays, Mr. McKeown, Room 310

The Wellwood Reptile Club is the perfect place for reptile lovers to meet and interact with other reptile lovers. It will be a place to discuss reptiles, as well as a place to learn. If you’re a fellow reptile fanatic, you truly couldn’t join a better club!

Running Club

Thursdays starting April 20, Mrs. Stock, Room 308

The Running Club is open to all students in grades 5-8 who are interested in sneaking in a quick workout around campus while the weather is nice! Students are encouraged to walk, run and focus on their mental well-being. Seasoned athletes and first time runners are more than welcome to join our club!

School Store

The School Store is open daily after school. Healthy snacks may be purchased throughout the year. The school store is located next to the Counseling Office. Student volunteers staff the store. All proceeds benefit a child-centered organization or charity.

Science Olympiad

Students prepare for the Science Olympiad competition. The team consists of 15 students from grades 7-9 who are chosen through a rigorous selection process. Science Olympiad Practices begin in November and continue through the competition, which typically takes place in April. Please pay attention to the morning announcements for more information.

Ski Club

Downhill skiing or snowboarding. Open for all grades. Ski club will go to Labrador Mountain on Jan. 10, 17, 24 and 31, and Feb. 7 and 14. The interest meeting for Ski & Board Club will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 26 in the Auditorium.

Sports Card Club

Alternating Tuesdays, Project Room 126

Students can bring any sports card to share and/or trade.

Student Council

Select Wednesdays, Mrs. Vespi, Room 105

Show your leadership and school spirit by serving on the Wellwood Student Council. This organization will focus on service and leadership as well as make decisions that will help to make our school an even better place! Among many other things, the Student Council raises money for various organizations and promotes school spirit. Wellwood is looking for at least one Student Council representative from each homeroom.

Tennis Club

Mondays, Ms. St. Amour, Room 5-2

Tennis Club begins on Oct. 17, and will be held every Monday until Nov. 14. We will provide tennis balls, and please try to bring your own racket. If you don’t have one, we will provide one for you to use. Please plan to be outside. Please wear athletic clothes, sneakers, and bring a water bottle. We will take a break from Tennis Club during the winter, and resume in the spring when the weather is nice. Date to resume in the spring is to be determined.

Unified Friends

Last Tuesday of each month, Mrs. Maloney & Mrs. Benz, Room 112

This club is for all students interested in building community. We will celebrate our unique qualities and abilities by participating in fun, inclusive activities. Come join for games, crafts, cooking and more!

Walking Club

Wednesdays, Mrs. Amidon, Room 209

Walking Club is a way to relax at the end of the day and get a little bit of exercise. Anyone who wants to walk and chat with friends after school should join us. We will meet when the weather is nice. We will go for a walk outside around Wellwood from 2:50-3:30 p.m.. We will not meet when it rains or snows. We will take a break in the winter and resume sometime in April.

Woodworking Club

Tuesdays, Mr. Botting, Room 118

Woodworking Club is open to grades 6-8. The focus will be on making a project out of wood (and possibly other materials). Students will be responsible for paying for the materials that they are using for their personal project. Students will be required to pass all safety checks & exams before using the machines in the classroom. Each semester will focus on one project with each student being able to make their own item to take home. Students will be able to estimate the cost of the Woodworking Club materials and pay for the materials before the project is made. The Woodworking Club provides an opportunity to learn woodworking skills under the supervision of a qualified instructor. The projects students will be engaged in will give them an opportunity to experience various techniques and procedures such as reading blueprints, and using hand and power tools. There will be a maximum of 20 students allowed in the club for safety reasons.

Yearbook Club

Most Mondays

Yearbook Club is for all grade levels. Students plan and create the Wellwood yearbook; take photographs; and make decisions on artwork, cover, photos and design.