Wellwood Middle School Clubs and Activities

Bookends Club

Open to all grades. Requirements: a completed permission slip. Each Wednesday, this club will walk over to Fayetteville Elementary and read-aloud to select students. We will return to WW by 3:30 p.m.. Involved teachers: Mrs. Buelow, Mrs. Nestor and Mrs. McNamara.

Comedy Club

This club will consist of working with a group of peers to create funny commercials or skits. Each Wednesday will have a topic. The groups will perform at the end of the enrichment period. This club is open to Grade 5 students and the involved teacher is Mr. Nash.

Courtyard Club

Get outside with The Courtyard Club. Students work to maintain the courtyard area (i.e., weeding, cleaning, planting, etc.) for use by other students. Students from all grades are welcome.

Drama Club

Drama Club produces a full-length musical production annually for students in grades 5-8. This year’s musical will be Mary Poppins, Jr. Auditions will take place on Oct. 9 and 10 by appointment. Visit the drama website to sign up. Rehearsals for Drama Club occur between 3:30-5:30 p.m. Mondays through Fridays beginning Oct. 15, but will go until 6 p.m. for dress rehearsals on Nov. 19 & 26-28. The performances will be on Nov. 29 at 7 p.m., Nov. 30 at 7 p.m. and Dec. 1 at 1 p.m.

Expressive Arts

Expressive Arts Club is for any student who has an appreciation for writing, art and music. Learn how these different forms of art help you express the emotions you feel. This club is intended for students to think creatively, support each other and have fun while learning more about one’s self. Students from all grades are welcome.

First Lego League

FIRST LEGO League (FLL) is an international competition organized by FIRST for elementary and middle school students. Each year in August, FIRST LEGO League introduces a scientific and real-world challenge for teams to research and focus on. The robotics part of the competition involves designing and programming LEGO Mindstorms robots to complete tasks. The students work out solutions to the various problems they are given and then meet for regional tournaments to share their knowledge, compare ideas and display their robots. Club will meet Wednesdays in room 118.

Game Day

Game Day is for grade 5 students who like playing card games, board games, inside/outside games (weather permitting), or create new games. Whole group games or small group games. Maximum of 25 students.


Intramurals are for all grade levels. This year, we are gearing that time towards using the Fitness Room and focusing on fitness activities. Grade 5 students will come on Mondays; grade 6 on Wednesdays; grade 7 on Tuesdays and grade 8 on Thursdays. All are welcome.

Magic: The Gathering Club

Magic: The Gathering Club is a trading card game for all students who want an imaginative, complex game to play casually or competitively. Bring your own cards or cards are provided. Every Thursday in Mr. Arena’s room 5-5.

Math League

Wellwood Math League is open to any interested grade 7 or 8 student. Team members will be chosen based upon the results of the first meet in October. Each meet consists of five questions that students answer individually. Each question has a time limit of 2, 3, 5, or 7 minutes (Prime Time!). Scores are then compiled for each individual and for the entire team for the school year. Interested students can try out for Wellwood’s Math League team in October.

Math Mondays Club

Math Mondays club is for grade 5 and 6 students who are interested in practicing and reviewing math concepts. You will learn tricks, strategies and play math games.

Mathematics in Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football in Mathematics is a game in which students select and manage a team of professional football players. The football players earn points based on their performances in real games. Each week, students use newspapers or online resources to locate their player’s statistics in order to find out how many points were earned by their team. The goal of the game is to accumulate the highest number of points.

NYSSMA Ensembles

Students performing an ensemble at the FM NYSSMA festival can stay after this day to rehearse.

Open Art

Open Art is for any student that needs extra help or to catch up on missed work.

Open Library

The library is open most days after school for students who would like extra time for reading, looking at library materials, using computers and the Internet (for academic purposes) and doing homework. Students should plan to be productive while in the library.

P2 Crew

The Positivity Project is in full swing at Wellwood. We need your strengths for lots of fun activities. These may include opportunities to help David’s Refuge, dinners for Hopeprint, art activities to decorate the school, birthday lollipops, fundraising events and many other fun deeds that show “Other People Matter!” P2 Crew will meet Thursdays after school in the FACS room. Open to all students.

Pet Lovers Club

This club is for anyone who has a beloved pet at home or who just loves all animals. We will learn how to become more responsible pet owners, how to keep our pets healthy and how to deepen our connection to our pets. On a broader scale, the club will explore some organizations that help animals and promote animal welfare and teach students how to help animals other than their own. We will have at least one fundraiser for a local organization dedicated to animal welfare.

Pokémon Club

Do you know of Pichu, Weedle, Skitty and Beldum? If so, then this club is for you. It is open to any student in grades 5-8 who would like to spend time with friends and play/trade Pokémon cards.

Recorder Club

Recorder club will meet on Thursdays during enrichment period. All grades are welcome. We will learn to play songs on the recorder and earn colored “belts” as we master each level, just like in karate. We will also learn familiar popular songs as we go. October start date.

School Store

The school store is open daily after school. Healthy snacks may be purchased throughout the year. The school store is located in the foyer, across from the Health Office. Student volunteers staff the store. All proceeds benefit a child-centered organization or charity.


Science Olympiad

Students prepare for the Science Olympiad competition. The team consists of 15 students from grades 7–9 who are chosen through a rigorous selection process. Practices begin in November and continue through the competition (April or May).

Ski Club

Downhill skiing or snowboarding. Open for all grades. Ski club dates: Jan. 8, 15, 22 and 29 and Feb. 5 and 12.

Student Council

Show your leadership and school spirit by serving on the Wellwood Student council (grades 5-8). This organization will focus on service and leadership as well as make decisions that will help to make our school an even better place. Among many other things, Student Council raises money for various organizations and promotes school spirit. Wellwood is looking for at least one Student Council representative from each homeroom. Stay tuned to the announcements for more information.

Ted Talk Club

Through TED, fascinating people from around the world share their ideas through powerful presentations. One or more TED Talk videos will be shown every Wednesday in the library. The theme will be change each week and will be announced in advance. Students may attend every week or drop in when they choose. See ted.com for more information about TED.


VOICES is a select grade 5 and 6 chorus open to boys and girls who desire to sing in a choral setting. Multiple types of repertoire will be performed including choral pieces from other countries and languages. There are three performance opportunities throughout the school year. VOICES will meet on Monday during Enrichment Period in Dr. Popow’s room, #03. Any additional questions, please see Dr. Popow or email her at kpopow@fmschools.org.

The Yearbook Club

Yearbook Club is for all grade levels. Students plan and create the Wellwood yearbook, take photographs and make decisions on artwork, cover, photos and design. The club meets on most Thursdays.