F-M S.A.F.E Club participates in Out of the Darkness Campus Walk

On Friday, June 2, the F-M S.A.F.E Club hosted and participated in the American Foundation for Suicide and Prevention’s (AFSP) Out of the Darkness Campus Walk.

The annual event is AFSP’s signature student fundraising series, designed to engage youth and young adults in the fight to prevent suicide. 

This was the first official AFSP Campus Walk event on the F-M campus and was organized by the S.A.F.E. Club. Local community partners CNY Mental Health Counseling, CONTACT, Crouse Hospital, Vyana Yoga, and Weaving Roots were also in attendance at the community event.

The district opened the track and turf to students so they could walk, socialize and play. There were live performances by the F-M Step Team, F-M Dance Team, VOICES, Freudian Riff, Alocasia and F-M Swing. The top fundraisers, Stephen Wu and Anthony Ahn, raised over $3,000, and as a reward, Dr. Kilmer allowed them to pie him in the face! 

A photo of students holding a large check
AFSP Representative Andy Taddeo with F-M students Lizz Biondo, Gisele Fumarola, Anthony Ahn, Stephen Wu, Margaret White, Sara Kronenberg, Mara McBride and Marissa Patrick.
A phoot of a teacher (Dr. Kilmer) with two students Anthony and Stephen, after having a pie thrown in his face.
Dr. Kilmer with Anthony and Stephen

Overall, the team raised $7,218 and a representative from the AFSP presented the district with a commemorative check for their fundraising. 

If you’re looking for support and/or resources, please visit www.afsp.org/get-help and www.afsp.org/resources.