2019-20 District Annual Report

This is an image of Craig Tice.From the Superintendent

On behalf of the Fayetteville-Manlius Central School District, I am pleased to share the district’s 2019-20 Annual Report. This report is intended to give our
community a snapshot of our district and the progress we have made on the goals and objectives identified in the district’s 2019-22 Strategic Plan.

We unveiled our strategic plan at the beginning of the 2019-20 school year,  and so it seems appropriate that as we enter into a new school year, we take a look back on what we have accomplished thus far.  Our strategic plan identifies four priority areas that support our mission and vision for the district, which is to inspire students and promote personal success. The four areas, which each have their own  goals and objectives at the district and building level, are: teaching and learning, school environment, service learning and community partnerships, and fiscal capacity and responsibility.

Some of the goals are intended to be achieved within one school year while others may span over multiple years. At the end of each academic year, our administrative team will review the district’s progress and update the plan as necessary.

While the 2019-20 school year ended in a way that none of us could have imagined at the start of the year, I am proud of how our staff and students and their families pulled together to finish the academic year while caring for each other during a time of uncertainty on so many levels.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed how we provided instruction, but our strategic plan allowed us to pivot in such a way that we held true to our four priority areas. Teaching and learning looked different but continued.

Our school environment transitioned to a virtual community where students and staff members found ways to connect that brought them closer together even though they were physically apart.

Our community partnerships became more important than ever as we leaned on our community and our colleagues in other districts to support us in this new way of educating students.

Our fiscal planning allowed us to continue operating and providing support to our students and their families, as well as our staff, as we embarked together in this new era of education.

The future is still somewhat uncertain, but one thing we know to be true is that by working together, supporting each other and staying true to our strategic plan, we will continue to provide an educational experience that allows our students to flourish, find their passions and contribute to their school and the greater Fayetteville-Manlius community.

Warmest regards,
Craig J. Tice, Superintendent